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What is a Teacher Training program?

​Teaching the system of Pilates requires an understanding of the basic choreography of over 700 exercises, understanding of the apparatus and safety techniques in teaching on the apparatus, and an awareness of how to assist a client to move well through each exercise while simultaneously building a system for the client.  Our instructor training program uses a hands on apprentice style approach to ensure understanding of the Pilates system, as well as how to move a client safety and well through the system of exercises, taking into account imbalances and injuries.

The Swansea Pilates Teacher Training program (SPTT) through Romana's Pilates International is not only a continuation of the first developed Pilates training program, it is one of the the most comprehensive and demanding in the world.  As a result, our teachers are some of the best in the business.  Our training program includes:​​

  • 700-1000 apprenticeship hours including observation, personal pilates practice, teaching practice.  (approx 10-20 hours weekly.)

  • full access to the studio for weekly hours.

  • weekly apprentice meetings.

  • Workbook including all exercises covered in the course.

  • Specific focus on how to work with clients including introduction to the Pilates system, safety in using the apparatus, anatomy, and addressing injuries and imbalances.

  • 3 independent 2-3 day seminars covering all exercises on all apparatus with all safeties and modifications.

The course and testing is comprised of the following:

The Basic

  • Basic Seminar covering all basic exercises on all apparatus

  • 200-300 minimum apprenticeship hours

  • The practical basic exam ( test by a level III or higher teacher trainer)

The Intermediate

  • Intermediate seminar covering all intermediate exercises on all apparatus

  • 200-300 minimum apprenticeship hours

  • The intermediate written exam and practical exam ( tested by level II or higher teacher)

The Advanced

  • Advanced seminar covering all advanced exercises on all apparatus.

  • 200-300 minimum apprenticeship hours

  • The advanced practical and written exams (tested by level I teacher)

Who We Are

Fera Smith, the studio owner and senior teacher, is a 2nd generation teacher with over 20 years international teaching experience.  Fera competed her initial comprehensive training under the original training program under Romana Kryzanowska, and has continued training and working with other 1st and 2nd generation teachers trained by Joseph Pilates and Romana throughout the world.  Fera is a level IV teacher with Romana's Pilates International.

The Romana´s Pilates Instructor Training Programme is one of the most respected comprehensive pilates teacher training certifications in the world.  Romana's Pilates has the largest number of high level master teachers who trained directly with Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates' chosen protegée). It is because of this unparalleled concentration of excellent teacher trainers and depth of knowledge regarding the work of Joseph Pilates that Romana´s Pilates instructors are considered some of the best in the industry. 


Apprentices in our program will be directly supervised by Fera Smith in the Swansea studio and will have the opportunity to work with our teacher trainers from around the world.  Seminars and testing will be with our higher level teachers within the organisation and will include: 

Rebecca Convey (III), London, UK
Jane Poerwoatmodjo (III),  Den Haag

Marjorie Oren (X) , Den Haag
Cynthia Lochard (I), Sydney, Australia
Sari Mejia Santo (I) , Florida, USA

Where is our Training Programme

Our teacher training program is primarily located at our studio in Mumbles, Swansea.  Seminar weekends and testing may also be at our sister training centre, Kinetic Pilates in London and our European training headquarters The Pilates Studio, Den Haag.  Apprentices are encouraged to visit our Romana's Pilates studios and training centres across the UK and the world.  This extensive network and Pilates family is an incredible benefit to our apprentices.

Our next training program will commence September 2024.


The tuition for the program covers the cost of the manual, seminars, weekly apprentice meetings, studio access, exams.  This does not include additional weekly private sessions (offered at a discount at The Pilates Studio Swansea and Kinetic Pilates), travel costs, or re-testing. 

Please contact the studio for the 2024 pricing.

How to Apply

The Pilates Teacher training program is designed to teach apprentices how to teach, not to provide a basic knowledge of Pilates. Entrants to the program are expected to have the following:

  • Attended a minimum 50-70 privates sessions with a comprehensively trained teacher

  • Understanding in personal practice of Pilates mat and reformer system to an intermediate level. 

  • Assessment with level IV instructor or above to enter the program.

In order to learn the work of Pilates deeply, apprentices are expected to have the intent to commit to the hours and intensity of the program.

In order to prepare potential apprentices, the studio does offer apprentice pre-requisite workshops and pre-training sessions in order to prepare for the entrance assessment and program.   Please contact the studio for more information regarding workshop/sessions.

To express your interest in the program or to apply, please contact The Studio.

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