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The Studio

The Pilates Studio is Swansea's only Classical Pilates Studio, serving Swansea since 2006 as

Wales' first fully equipped Pilates studio and only 2nd generation studio with over 20 years experience.  

Sessions at The Pilates Studio Swansea are personally tailored to suit the needs of the participants and maintain the integrity of the Pilates System.  Each session utilises the framework of the Pilates system - the order and the exercises - to engage the mind to find new balance in the body.


All apparatus at The Pilates Studio Swansea is classically designed to fully accompany the Pilates system.  

Our studio is fully equipped with:

Reformer • Cadillac • Wunda chair • Electric chair • Arm chair • Ladder barrel • Pedipole • Spine Corrector • Small Apparatus •

Not able to visit us in Swansea? We are part of a global Pilates family, find someone near you!

Our Team

All instructors are comprehensively trained in the complete system of Pilates, allowing our instructors to be able to provide sessions which address the needs of our clients and provide comprehensive movement solutions.


Fera Smith


Fera Smith, first began practising Pilates after a sports injury in 1998. In Pilates she found a form of exercise that not only strengthened and balanced the body but also engaged the mind. In 2001 she began training with Authentic Pilates under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates' few successors, at the 8th St. studio in New York City. In 2003 Fera finished her certification with Romana's Pilates International and has been teaching clients from Chicago to Swansea. In 2006 she moved to Mumbles with a home practice.  In 2012 she established Pilates Swansea and in 2016 opened The Pilates Studio, Swansea Pilates. She continues to work with the most experienced teachers and teacher trainers from around the world, increasing her knowledge and understanding of the original methodology of 'Contrology' .  She is currently a level IV teacher trainer with Romana's Pilates International.

Today I really needed this as I’ve been feeling a little sluggish and tired. Thank you The Pilates Studio Swansea for your patience, and knowing just what my body needed.



Mumbles is a vibrant historic village at the entrance of the Gower Peninsula.  The studio is proud to be an integrated part of the village.  For more information regarding our favourite local boltholes, please:

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