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Sessions follow a weekly schedule and standing reservations are recommended.

Look below to find the Pilates to Suit your needs.

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Please ask or check out 'Our Pilates' for more information.


Apparatus Session

1 to 1 sessions utilise all the apparatus of the studio and the sole attention of the teacher to create a completely tailored 50 min workout unique to the client and the client's needs.  Apparatus sessions are the ultimate service for learning the work and understanding your own unique system of Pilates. 

Semi-Private Apparatus Session

A duet of two clients working through the Pilates system using all the studio apparatus.  Duets are a fantastic opportunity to share a work out or begin to work more independently on the apparatus.  Semi-private sessions are only booked as a pair, the studio does not arrange pairings.

Group Tower Session
5 person max

A dynamic session combining the system of the mat work with the support of the Tower apparatus and other small apparatus. Sessions are small to ensure safe use of the equipment and attention to the needs of the clients. If you are looking for a group session with Pilates apparatus, tower sessions are ideal!

Group Mat Session
10 person max

Utilising the greatest apparatus in the studio, The Mat system uses the body itself to find balance, strength, and independence. 
Open sessions are designed for healthy active bodies.
Essential mat is designed to improve essential movement patterns to increase balance and wellness.

Community Service

Group Session Schedule

Mon 8am        Men's Tower 

Mon 10am       Essentials Mat

Mon 6pm         Open Tower 

Mon 7pm          Open Mat

Tues 9am         Open Mat

Tues 12pm       Basics Mat
Wed 5:30pm    Teen Mat

Wed 6:30pm    Open Mat

Thurs 9am       Open Tower 

Thurs 11am        Essentials Mat


  • Private Apparatus session (50min)
    £45 Instructor  £55 Senior Instructor

  • Semi-private Apparatus session (50min)
    £30/pp Instructor  £35/pp Senior Instructor

  • Group Tower session (45min)  £20

  • Group mat session (45min) £10

  • Assessment (50min)£25

  • Introductory Package £90-£110
    (for private/semi-private sessions only)

  • Packages available for clients with a standing reservations in a session.



Pilates opportunities at our studio and around the world

Romana's Pilates Basic Seminar for Teacher Training
September 8-9th.  Kinetic Pilates, London, UK

Original Pilates Bologna Workshops & Sessions with Cynthia Lochard and Marjorie Oron

October 4-9th , Bologna, Italy

The Pilates Studio Workshops & Continuing Education with Cynthia Lochard & Maria Sison-Wright

 October  13-15th, Den Haag, Netherlands

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