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Welcome New Clients

New to Pilates?  New to the studio?  Let us help you begin your Pilates journey with us.

What is Pilates?  Pilates is a system of exercises designed to utilise the connection of the mind to the body in order to improve movement and balance.  The secret to the success with the Pilates method is not just performing the exercises ( they will still make you feel great) but also feeling and understanding the exercises deeply within the body.  This deep mind/body connection is why Joseph Pilates himself originally called the system 'Contrology' and developed the Pilates apparatus in order to support the body and provide feedback to develop the mind/body connection.

So where to start!  Are you looking for for a group class?  Do you have a specific need you want to address? What is your budget for Pilates? 

We offer Pilates for everyone at the studio.  Private and semi-private sessions utilise all the Pilates apparatus and provide clients with the most in depth and tailored workout.  Group Tower sessions provide a mixture of apparatus and mat work in a group setting.  Group mat sessions offer the opportunity to strengthen while enjoying a group setting.  

At The Pilates Studio Swansea we believe every client is on their own journey at their own pace.  Our sessions are developed to allow personal growth, not place our clients in categories.  Pilates is learned in the body and the mind with regular practice.  Pilates is not an exercise class.  Our sessions provide a space to each client to build their mind/body connection past the choreography of a class.  Group sessions we offer:

  • Teen mat sessions are for young adults.   

  • Open mat sessions are for healthy active adults. 

  • Essentials mat sessions are for adults needing a more methodical pace. 

  • Tower small group apparatus sessions to allow clients to experience the apparatus safely.  

  • Pilates Basics focusing solely on the fundamentals of Pilates

All sessions utilise the entire Pilates mat system and are geared towards clients improving their independent practice.  Each class is suitable for clients just beginning their Pilates journey or clients building on decades of practice looking for advanced work. ( We also offer a Pilates Basics for clients who want to focus on the basics. )

We ask all clients looking to join a group sessions ( with the exception of the Pilates Basics) to book an assessment to familiarise them with the studio and discuss their needs and goals.  

To book an assessment or a private/semi-private session, please sign up to our booking system.  If there are no available spaces, please contact the studio via email or below so we can get you in!

More Questions? Get in Touch!

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Thank you for your Interest in The Studio!

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