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Studio Policies

  • All clients must register on the booking system, disclose all health issues, and agree to T&C's of the studio before attending the studio.

  • New group session clients are invited to book an assessment to familiarise themselves with the studio and assess their individual needs before they will be able to book into sessions.  ​

  • New apparatus clients are invited to purchase Introductory packages.

  • ​Clients are asked to wear clothing to move in without zips or buttons.

  • Please tie up hair and remove jewellery.

  • Please wear socks.

  • Apparatus sessions are 55 minutes.

  • Group sessions are 45 minutes.​

  • Group sessions are held during term time, based on the Swansea school schedule.​

  • Sessions are to be paid for beforehand.​​

  • Clients are invited to book a standing reservation to ensure space in a session and to encourage regular practice. 

  • Clients with standing reservations are invited to purchase packages for sessions. 

  • Packages are not transferrable between services and should only be purchased with the intention of attending the studio for the duration of the package.

  • Package expiry dates are non-extendable unless the timeframe spans a studio closure.  Clients are expected to attend regularly to utilise packages well within the expiration date. 

  • We run a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for all sessions.

  • The Pilates Studio Swansea does not issue refunds for any purchases.  If a schedule change disrupts a standing reservation, the studio will offer alternative sessions.

Community Service

Privacy Policy

  • The Pilates Studio Swansea use your data in order to operate an online booking system and update you as to any changes in the day to day running of the business, schedule changes, class schedules, guest teachers and teacher workshops.

  • Your details are securely held by the service providers Bookings Essentials which have their servers based in Australia.

  • Your data is only used in order to facilitate booking your lessons, sending appointment reminders, recording electronic or cash payments for lessons and updating you with studio news.

  • Your data is not shared with any third parties, or used for any other reasons than the ones stated above.

  • E-mails and newsletters are sent infrequently with updates as to any services and/or offerings and general studio news.

  • Your information that is held is available for you to see through the system at anytime.

  • You can opt out of receiving e-mails at any time by emailing the studio at 

Terms and Conditions

In consideration volunteering to participate in Pilates personal training sessions, Pilates group sessions, Pilates virtual sessions, and/or related progressive physical exercise activities (individually and collectively, “Pilates”) as well as the benefits that I will derive from my participation in Pilates, I hereby represent and agree as follows:
1. Representations . (a) I am physically fit and able to participate in Pilates; I am in good health and I am unaware of any medical condition which might make my participation inadvisable. (b) I have no pre-existing physical limitation or condition which may be aggravated or harmed by my participation in Pilates. (c) I have answered all questions regarding my health and history truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.   I represent that all such questions have been answered to my complete satisfaction. The Pilates Studio Swansea reserves the right to refuse me entry to any session if, in their absolute discretion, it is considered that my health may be endangered by participating.
2. Assumption of Risk . I acknowledge that my participation in Pilates carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. I understand that the specific risks can and do vary from one activity to another. I agree to follow the instructions of the Pilates instructor and reserve the right to withdraw from any activity at any time.
3. Release of Liability . I, on behalf of myself, heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estate hereby release, forever discharge and covenant not to sue The Pilates Studio Swansea any associated teachers (the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability from all claims, actions, suits or other proceedings resulting in personal injury I may suffer or sustain, regardless of fault, arising from or in connection with, my participation in Pilates, the equipment used during Pilates and the building or facilities where Pilates was located.
4. Miscellaneous . If any part, article, paragraph, sentence or clause of this consent and release is not enforceable, the affected provision shall be curtailed and limited to the extent necessary to bring it in within the requirements of the law, and the remainder of this consent and release shall continue in full force and effect. This consent and release shall be governed by English law. All provisions of this consent and release shall survive the termination or expiration of any Pilates or my participation in any Pilates contemplated hereby. I knowingly intend my participation in Pilates to be a complete defence to any legal or equitable proceeding that may be brought by me, or any person on their own or on my own behalf, for any personal injury, including death, accident, illness or property damage, including theft, I may suffer or sustain as a result of my voluntary participation in Pilates, and further intend this consent and release to be a complete and total release of liability for all negligent acts, failure to act, or breaches of duty owed to me, which result in my personal injury, accident, illness and/or property loss as a result of my participation in Pilates, the equipment used during Pilates and the building or facilities where Pilates occurred and to reimburse the Released Parties in full for any such expenses.

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